MG 8013-V Magics Metallic Blue

Metallic pigment and rich color combine to create visual depth. This signature product is created with a traditional manufacturing process resulting in a unique product where no two tiles are alike.
Series: Victory
Classification: ASTM F 1700 Class III Solid Vinyl Tile
Construction: Homogeneous
Overall Thickness: .120 in. / 3 mm (nominal)
Wearlayer Thickness: N/A, solid vinyl tile
Size: 12 x 12 in., 12 x 18 in., 12 x 36 in., 18 x 18 in., 18 x 36 in., or 36 x 36 in. plus additional custom sizes
Edge: Square Edge (SE), Slight Bevel (SB), or Deep Bevel (DB)
Surface Texture: Slate (SS) recommended. Other textures available upon request.
Standard Colors: 21 colors
Warranty: 20 year Commercial Limited Wear Warranty and Lifetime Residential Limited Wear Warranty
Recycling: 100% Recyclable
Test Performance: ASTM F 137 Flexibility – Passes, ASTM 2199 Dimensional Stability – Passes, ASTM F 970 and ASTM F 1914 Residual Indentation – Excellent, ASTM E 648 Flammability – Class 1 CRF>0.45, ASTM C 1028* Slip Resistance – Very Good (*textures), ASTM D 2047 – Passes, ADA Compliant – FTC Slip Resistant Classified Product, ASTM E 662 Smoke Density – <450; Good, ASTM D 3884 Abrasion – Excellent, ITTS 205 Castor Chair Suitability – Very Good, ASTM F 1515 – Very Good, ASTM F 925 Chemical Resistance – Excellent