Centra Lynchburg General Hospital

Centra Lynchburg General Hospital has 358 licensed beds, and is an emergency and critical care center recognized nationally for its oncology and cardiac services. When it was time to renovate the 52-year old children’s wing, dips and sways in the subfloor presented some unique challenges. Dale Davis took on the challenge and developed a floor design that helped to hide the subfloor imperfections and met the desired creative vision for the space. Having a highly durable and maintenance-friendly floor was also imperative.

Davis wanted a floor design that was lively, fresh, and would have a “wow” factor. Everyone wanted to do something special for the children, who are physically closer to the floor and can appreciate it the most. Davis envisioned the floors covered in an amazing swirl of paint that oozed throughout the corridors and poured into the rooms.

Centiva’s brilliant color range and custom cutting capabilities fit the project needs perfectly. Davis commented, “Centiva went above and beyond to make this dream a reality. They have a design team that was ready for the challenge.”

Patients comment that the floors are what they love most about the unit. The hospital is proud to have a fun, bright, and uplifting environment for their young patients. The designer wanted a floor design that would be the lasting memory of this pediatric healthcare unit. Mission accomplished.

Centra Lynchburg General Hospital
Dale Davis, Dale Davis Designs
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