Central High School

Selected as a design project in a National School Design Institute charrette, Central High School in Carrollton, Georgia was one of the system’s aging facilities in great need of update and renovation. The collaborative session included leading school design architects, school district officials, and architects from Southern A&E. This group met and developed a new vision and master plan to replace existing buildings in phases. The first phase of the program was a three-story atrium where the students would gather to socialize and spend time.

For the new building, designer Jan Adams, created a warm and welcoming palette for paint, flooring, and lighting to reflect the school’s colors. These colors were chosen because she knew they would stand the test of time since school systems don’t typically change colors and finishes very often.

Adams chose to unify the open atrium space with pattern and infuse it with warmth. Centiva provided the tile colors and customization needed to create a design to join the floor with the other elements of the environment. Accent colors in the floor and walls were pulled from the school logo. The in-house custom cutting and design department at Centiva designed and produced a large-scale lion in the center of the atrium bringing a sense of community and personalization to the space.

A Centiva consultant worked with Holloway Flooring to make sure the material was on site and the custom logos were ready to be installed. Adams explained, “[Centiva flooring] created that dynamic space, offering versatility, and personal design, and a place for students to gather before and during school that is both cohesive and forward thinking.”

Central High School
Jan W. Adams, Southern A&E
Event Plank, Reflection SA 1005-V, Cabernet MG 8011-V, and Carnelian MN 3108-V. (Medallion) Pearl CR 0003-V, Black Pearl CR 0065-V, Parthenon Gold CS 0531-C, Flax CA 6308-V, and Dark Red CT 9152-V