Cook Children’s Health Care System

Cook Children’s Health Care System is a not-for-profit, nationally recognized pediatric healthcare organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. This hospital was founded in 1918 and has experienced many changes throughout its lengthy existence. Above all, it still keeps its inspiring promise to improve the health of every child in its region through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease, and injury. For many years, the hospital used the color gray as the centerpiece of the interior design palette because it was considered to contribute to a calming atmosphere. Having this environment for so many years resulted in the desire to have very lively, vivid colors, creating fun environments that kids would feel at home in. When the food service area was up for renovation, Centiva was chosen to liven up the space.

Andy Keller of Keller Studio came up with the design concept of bringing the outside of a castle indoors. This resulted in the theme of an outdoor tournament with ceilings painted to look like striped tent fabric and serving stations emblazoned with their own insignias, as if different groups had assembled for a festival. The slate finish on the Centiva flooring also contributed to the outdoor feel. Keller wanted to achieve a light, airy, rambunctious feeling of being outdoors in the middle of a fun, festival-like event. His inspiration for the oval design in the serving area came from Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome.

With so many colors in the design palette, the main challenge for this project was making sure coordination was achieved across different materials. One example of this was creating custom colored flooring that would match the vinyl on the booth seatbacks. Keller states, “Usually creating a custom product is very hit or miss, but the Centiva customs all came out beautifully – we just could not miss.” When asked why he chose Centiva for this project, he replied, “The colors are beautiful, customization is easy and flexible, and it holds up amazingly well–the perfect trifecta!”

Keller said luxury vinyl tile was chosen for the flooring because it has a beautiful, high-end look that is much nicer than VCT, has fewer problems and far greater design flexibility than sheet vinyl, and is much less expensive and more flexible than terrazzo. When asked how the product is holding up, he stated, “People absolutely love the look. When it comes to durability, however, no news is good news! Lack of problems means fewer calls to the facilities management office, which means they love it, too.”

Cook Children’s Health Care System
Andy Keller, Keller Studio Inc.
Tropicana CR 0019-V, Moondance CR 0051-V, Black Pearl CR 0065-V and Custom Purple Coral Reef