Giant Cycling World Boston

Giant is the largest bicycle company in the world with entities all over the planet. When they decided to start a retail presence in the United States, they joined forces with Brian Hawkins, owner of bhawkins inc, a promotional, advertising and retail design agency. Hawkins was excited to work with Giant to develop a store concept, pick finishes, and develop strategies to make stores affordable and successful. The two companies set out to design a retail space that was not like other bike shops. They wanted the store to appear upscale, professional, and at the same time they wanted a store that can hold up to the challenging wear and tear of a cycling store.

Natural looking finishes in warm tones were used to brighten the space while Giant’s classic blue and white signature colors were used to reinforce the brand image. Hawkins was looking for something different than the concrete floors used in other stores, but he needed something that would be just as durable…and more cleanable.

“We needed floors that were softer and more slip-resistant than stained concrete,” stated Hawkins. “Because the floor is made of vinyl and also has texture, it’s not too slick for cyclists when they walk through with bike cleats on; stained concrete is like a skating rink,” he commented. Centiva flooring helped meet practical needs and more. The many color and texture options offered by Centiva provided the high-end feel that Giant desired. Hawkins also stated that it was nice to be able to choose stone and wood designs that were the same thickness so they did not have to worry about transitions.

Another reason Centiva flooring was chosen for this project is because it could withstand the winter elements of Boston. Customers bring in sand, dirt, and salt on their shoes and on their bikes. Hawkins commented that with one main path in and out, “anything that was not bomb proof would look terrible.” Easy maintenance and a 20 year Commercial Wear Warranty gave this designer confidence in choosing Centiva. Hawkins states, “Centiva is a slam dunk.”

Giant Cycling World Boston
Brian Hawkins, bhawkins inc
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