Holston Valley Medical Center

Holston Valley Medical Center is a 505 bed, Level 1 trauma center originally built in 1935. In early 2008, renovations were started to upgrade the facility and add new operating rooms, a new emergency department, new registration areas, and several ancillary spaces. Completed in 2010, Centiva products were used throughout the renovations and new additions. The key objective for the project included the creation of inviting living spaces for patient recovery with highly durable flooring products that would withstand the harsh demands of a healthcare environment. Easy maintenance resulting in minimized patient room turn around time was also a must.

Lindi Scharfstein, the designer for Holston Valley, wanted the healthcare environment to feel more like a hotel than a hospital but also needed it to hold up for many years. “Centiva is one of the easiest floors to maintain and it has proven to pay for itself throughout our eight hospitals and over 50 physician properties,” remarked Scharfstein. The turnaround time for cleaning patient rooms is critical in this busy hospital. Centiva made the work much easier and more predictable. The Environmental Services team at the facility now requests Centiva by name when there is a remodeling project because of the ease of cleaning and how it helps with this important performance measure.

When the project started, the CEO told Scharfstein to “wow” him with the design. At the open house for the new areas, he kept saying “wow,” with a big smile on his face. With a great appearance, 20 year Commercial Wear Warranty, and a simple maintenance plan, Centiva continues to be a smart choice for Welmont Health Systems.

Holston Valley Medical Center
Lindi Scharfstein, Wellmont Health System
Champagne CR 0066-C, Vermeil MG 8025-V, Florentine Brass MG 8010-V, Sandcastle CR 0053-V, and Amber Rays FE 0794-C