NeoCon 2012

After covering as much ground as possible, we made note of a few of the themes from NeoCon 2012 in Chicago.

Color at a design show is always a main focus, but this year there was so much vibrant, clear color that it gave the NeoCon show an element of energy unlike years before. Warm tones of red, orange, yellow, and shades of pink were displayed in warming combinations. Bolds and neutrals seen in fabric, wall coverings, and furnishings have never worked so well together. It’s obvious we are craving color, but our conservative sides still know we can depend on a good neutral to keep balance.

The impact of technology was also tremendously evident at NeoCon. Design elements of mid-century modern continue to be re-invented using the latest technologies and materials. Development of products with modularity and flexibility surges as it keeps up with the evolution of our lifestyles. Manufacturers also use technological advances to continue to innovate sustainable aspects of products to make life better for us all.

We hope you enjoy a look at a few of the companies that demonstrated these themes and ideas.