NeoCon 2013

We did our best to explore the many floors of NeoCon. No matter where you were or what products you were viewing; common colors, trends, and styles emerged as the front-runners for the show.

This year there was an underlying sense in all of the products that they were indeed made for people. These products weren’t just made to look pretty, but they integrated characteristics that helped people to live, work, and learn more efficiently. Felt was a dominant material at the show. This warm, soft covering welcomes anyone who touches it while providing a stunning vision with its tremendous depth and complexity. As public spaces become more and more open, people are searching for ways to gain a moment of privacy. Several manufacturers showed products that helped turn public spaces into private areas.

Color and pattern play an important role in design. Bright hues of green, yellow, and orange were reinvented to give the show a contemporary feel. Hexagons could be seen everywhere from flooring to fixtures. Reminiscent of bees and honeycombs, a sense of community was no doubt present as thousands swarmed the Merchandise Mart working together toward one goal.

We hope you enjoy looking at a few of the trends we spotted during NeoCon 2013.