Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University was chartered in 1889 in the town of Saint Leo, Florida, about 30 miles north of Tampa. It is one of the largest and most innovative Catholic universities in the US, offering more than 40 academic programs. Even though the University is steeped in history and tradition, they were looking for a youthful and contemporary addition when plans were made to construct the newest student housing building.

The University chose LPF Interiors to design the new LEED Silver certified building. Heather Pell, Interior Designer at LPF Interiors, said, “The goal of the new residence hall was to create a warm and sophisticated space that would invite students to relax, study, and play.” It was also important to create a unified campus environment that welcomed both residential and commuter students.

When designing the space, indoor air quality, light control, and general maintenance were the main concerns. Centiva products from the Victory Series were chosen first and foremost because of their ease of maintenance. Their homogeneous construction offered extreme durability and their metallic characteristics helped reflect light throughout the common area. The manufacturing process of the Victory Series products results in handcrafted tiles where no two are alike. This unique look brought visual interest to the space.

The school wanted a common room that felt open, but was secure. Wayfinding was employed in the floor and ceiling to visually lead students beyond the main area. Curvilinear forms and patterns helped to define and anchor the space while distinguishing the public area from the private residential spaces.

Products from Centiva’s Contour Series were also used throughout the living rooms and bathrooms of the residence hall. When asked why Centiva was chosen, Pell replied, “Centiva allowed us to have consistent product throughout the space, requiring the same cleaning equipment. The seamless transition between patterns and colors meant no safety or aesthetic concerns. By using Centiva, we were able to obtain a stone look, a wood look, and a metallic look, all with the same height and installation method.” Centiva’s Contour and Victory Series products are Made in the USA, easily maintained, backed by a 20 year Commercial Wear Warranty, and can be used seamlessly with one another.

LPF Interiors succeeded in creating a timeless space where students feel comfortable in this unique university residence hall.

Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida
Residence Hall 5
Heather Pell, LPF Interiors, A division of Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects, Lakeland, Florida
Eckel Advertising & Photography
Creative Contractors, Clearwater, Florida
Victory Series: MG 8028-V Smokey Quartz & MG 8032-V Jade
Contour Series: CP 0351-C Pacific Boathouse & CP 3205-C Kingwood