South College

South College

Students attending South College enjoy a small college environment, variety of programs, and services tailored to meet their individual needs. This privately owned college has three campuses in Tennessee and one in North Carolina. South College offers a variety of degrees with a special focus on healthcare including a pharmacy school, physician assistant program, nursing program, and various areas of therapy.

When it was time to renovate the building on the Knoxville campus, Suzan Rochelle’s goal was to integrate original material selections and bring them into current times. Converting the existing structure built in 1980 presented several challenges. The hallways were extremely long and needed a visual break. Creating floor patterns was the perfect way to define key walkways as well as add interest. South College also wanted to streamline their maintenance regime. Other locations had flooring materials that required extensive polishing and mopping. Rochelle compared other product types against LVT and found that for the cost, appearance, maintenance, and durability it was a hard product to beat.

Rochelle commented, “Centiva was chosen because they had the best color palette, custom cutting ability, and options for surface texture. Centiva’s custom cutting design department was willing to work with me on creating something completely out of the box.” The designer found free hanging ceiling tiles in a swirl design and wanted the floor to mimic the shapes overhead. “Centiva was willing to work with my concepts and patterns to make it work with their process. Most people have been amazed that this beloved building, which had been abandoned for many years, was finally brought into the 21st century and preserved for such a good use,” stated Rochelle. The faculty and students at South College are enjoying their new building and the products that were chosen for it.

South College
Suzan Rochelle
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