Maintenance Products

An environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance system.

Centiva Clean Green Maintenance products are environmentally preferred products that directly contribute to a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.These products have been specifically formulated to comply with the stringent requirements of GreenSeal’s GS-40/GS-37 standards as well as the EPA’s Design for Environment (DFE) standards.

All of the Centiva Clean Green maintenance products should be applied with a microfiber pad, mop, or automatic scrubber.

Centi Clean

CENTI Clean is a super concentrated ‘No Rinse’ floor cleaner with biodegradable surface active agents. Because of its neutral PH, CENTI Clean will remove surface dirt without dulling or stripping any finish.

Centi Maintain

CENTI Maintain is a cleaner/maintainer blend that has all cleaning and maintaining applications built into one product. Floors maintained with CENTI Maintain require less re-coating with floor finishers.

Centi Finish

CENTI Finish is an environmentally preferred zinc-free, heavy metal-free, Phenal-free, and phthalate-free floor finish. It contains no chemicals that would be harmful to a waste water treatment center.

Centi Strip

CENTI Strip is a super concentrated floor finish stripper. It is fast penetrating and simple to use. It has been designed to be especially effective on today’s modern and green finishes. It is non-corrosive and meets Green Seal GS-40 Standards.