The Green Way

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

When it comes to the environment, red, white, and blue are some of the greenest colors around.

Making products in the US reduces energy used for transportation, supports the American workforce, and keeps dollars invested locally. It also means tighter control over raw materials and subjects manufacturing to American standards for safety and welfare. When its time for our products to be recycled, they don’t have to go far to start the process over again. Centiva’s Contour and Victory products are manufactured in Florence, Alabama.

Responsible Manufacturing

At Centiva, The Green Way begins with the way we manufacture products. Each item is designed to be created with maximum efficiency and the least amount of waste possible. We examine raw materials and use those with the highest quality and lowest environmental impact. Our team members check quality throughout the process, eliminating any unusable materials early in the process, saving time, energy, and raw materials. We are proud of our reduction efforts, which have reduced production waste to less than 1%. At Centiva, The Green Way is a work in progress, continually striving for improvement and setting higher goals.

Resource Stewardship

Resource stewardship, means using resources wisely. At Centiva, we monitor our usage of water, electricity, and raw materials. We also monitor our non-production waste generation and recycling efforts. Efforts taken:

  • Exchanging lights for skylights or efficient bulbs, adding motion sensors for warehouse lighting
  • Cooling pond added to reuse boiler water, eliminating waste water from production
  • Bank for Solar field established – est. 2015
  • Recycling stations implemented in employee areas
  • Packaging waste recycling streams established
  • Waste reduction
  • KPI’s

Indoor Air Quality

Green buildings should be healthy buildings, ensuring they are safe living, learning and working environments. At Centiva, Indoor Air Quality is prioritized in our products and verified through third party certification. This ensures we meet CA DPH 01350 in flooring, adhesives, and cleaners offering a low VOC solution for indoor environments.

Tiles & Planks



Recycled Content

At Centiva, recycling is a priority.

Vinyl’s physical properties allow it to be reused over and over again without losing its characteristics. All production scrap is recycled into the backing of Centiva products made in Alabama. In addition, post-consumer recycled content is incorporated from compatible feed stocks and reclaimed flooring materials. This extends the life cycle on and on and allows us to make products like Stria, that are 52.5% recycled content.


We don’t just make new materials, we want the old ones back. After a long useful life, Centiva will take back their old floors and recycled them into the backing of products made at our factory in Alabama. If you have an existing Centiva floor that you’re ready to replace, call us, we’d love to talk to you.

You can call us anytime at: 1.888.CENTIVA (236.8482)


Centiva products contribute to multiple green building rating systems, including LEED. We aim to make our contribution easy to verify through a choice of several documentation tools.

Environmental Certifications

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk… The Centiva Green Way. Centiva believes in using third parties to verify environmental claims about manufacturing and products. In today’s world, transparency plays an ever increasing role. With a focus on the customer, third party certifications increase accountability and clarity of the facts.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the environment is also a commitment to people. At Centiva, we believe we must use our talents, and resources to give back to our local community, our country, and the world.


  • Salvation Army
  • Red Cross
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • Shoals Scholar Dollars


  • Adopt a Mile
  • City of Florence Green Partner
  • Shoals Earth Month, Inc.


  • IIDA