Wings U

Founded by Bob Baumhower, Wings U is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama. Baumhower opened this location to serve American cuisine and cater to local students. The centerpiece of this 7,685 square foot restaurant is a coal-fired oven where New York style pizza is baked.

The objective for the interior of this restaurant was to create an All-American look with a vintage and nostalgic feel. The theme was re-enforced by Centiva’s Made in the USA flooring which was an important requirement. It was also imperative to use a flooring material that could withstand the abuse found in a busy college town restaurant. Deborah Roy, the designer for the project, used tiles from Centiva’s Victory Series Magics and a plank product from the Contour Series to pull the design together. Centiva’s Magic series products incorporate metallic pigment for visual depth and are made using a process that results with every tile being unique. The Contour plank chosen was used because of its striking pattern with the exotic look of several wood species of varied colors combined together. These products were chosen to complement other materials used in the space like the bead board, mosaic tile, and the memorabilia pieces.

Roy wanted to use Centiva tile for the project since she had used the products before in a healthcare installation and knew Centiva floors were durable enough to withstand a restaurant environment. Roy stated, “Centiva was chosen because it is made locally, has great looking products, and no other company offers the look of the Victory Series Magics.” Baumhower had also used Centiva products in a previous restaurant project and was acquainted with the product’s benefits. Both the owner and designer know the products wear well and that Centiva stands behind them.

Wings U
Debra Roy
Brown Strata CP 3314-C, Charcoal MG 8027-V, Florentine Brass MG 8010-V