Zipcar is a rapidly expanding company and currently the world’s leading car sharing network. They were quickly outgrowing their office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and recently relocated to a brick and beam building in the Innovation District in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Zipcar chose Margulies Perruzzi Architects to transform this unique building into a new home for their company.

The building presented many challenges for MPA who had to design around its existing structures. The space’s unique characteristics contain a lot of personality, which coupled with Zipcar’s culture; truly created a vibrant, fun, and personal space. The goal for increased collaboration between employees was a constant of the design process. One end of each office floor was strategically kept free of obstructions to allow for uninterrupted views of Boston Harbor and South Boston, and most importantly, to provide maximum daylight to the open workspaces.

Centiva LVT was a perfect fit when choosing what type of flooring to use in the renovation. When asked why Centiva was chosen, Jenna Meyers, Interior Designer at MPA, responded, “We chose Centiva because it was the right answer for the space – we needed a resilient, non-wax, easy maintenance product that had a unique and impactful aesthetic.” Centiva’s wide variety of sizes, patterns, and finishing details allowed MPA to choose the right options for the space. Meyers also stated, “MPA is aware of Centiva’s excellent customer service. We knew that if any issues arose, Centiva would help us resolve them quickly.”

With the goal of reducing the number of private vehicles on the road, many of Zipcar’s employees commute by bicycle. MPA’s design team responded by designing a basement storage room for 50 employee bikes along with lockers and showers. To fulfill Zipcar’s commitment to sustainability, the materials used in the renovation were reclaimed, recycled, or were from environmentally sustainable sources. The Centiva product used in this space was manufactured at our facility in Florence, Alabama reducing the energy it takes to ship the material while also providing jobs to the American workforce. All Centiva products can be reclaimed and recycled through our reclamation process, and they contain recycled content. Backed by a 20 year Commercial Wear Warranty, Centiva products are sure to stand the test of time.

Not only does Centiva LVT meet the sustainable requirements for this job, but its clean, minimalist aesthetic helps create the “urban chic” environment which reflects Zipcar’s young, collaborative, and fun culture.


Margulies Perruzzi Architects (Jenna Meyers & Nate Turner)
Margulies Perruzzi Architects (Janet Morra)
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